Faculty Members

Dr. Sue Grayston

  • microbial diversity and function in soils
  • plant-microbe interactions
  • rhizodeposition
  • above- and below-ground plant herbivore-microbe interactions
  • stable isotope probing
  • climate change and soil C sequestration


Dr. Cindy Prescott

  • rates of litter decomposition: controlling factors and influences of forestry practices
  • influence of site and species on N availability
  • effects of clearcutting and other silvicultural systems on N availability
  • causes and amelioration of nutrient deficiencies
    in cedar-hemlock cutovers
  • long-term effects of forest fertilization
  • linking soil microbial and faunal communities and nutrient cycling processes


Dr. Suzanne Simard

  • plant community ecology
  • soil microbial ecology
  • plant – soil microbial interactions
  • mycorrhizae
  • forest regeneration
  • mixed broadleaf – conifer ecology and stand management
  • competition and vegetation management
  • stand dynamics and silviculture systems

Dr. Chris Chanway

  • soil microbiology
  • plant-microorganism interactions
  • plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
  • mycorrhizal fungi
  • microbial diversity
  • biological nitrogen fixation (symbiotic and asymbiotic)
  • forest regeneration
  • seedling growth

Dr. Susan Day
Susan Day