The Belowground Ecosystem Group has several laboratories in the Forest Sciences Centre that are used for distinct types of work. All labs and equipment are available for use by all members of the research cluster.

The facilities include:

Sample Preparation Laboratory

This lab contains freezers, fridges, ovens, incubators, and field equipment. This lab is used for initial soil preparation, sieving, moisture and pH determinations, CO2 measurements, pot studies, microcosm and faunal extractions.

Stable Isotope Facility

This facility houses an elemental analyzer and a gas chromatograph, both connected to an isotope ratio mass spectrometer for carbon and nitrogen elemental and isotopic analyses in a variety of sample types. The facility also has a trace gas chromatograph for the determination of greenhouse gas concentrations. For more information, visit http://isotopes.forestry.ubc.ca/.

Molecular Analysis Laboratory

This laboratory contains equipment for extraction and analysis of DNA and RNA from soils. The lab also has DGGE, thermal cycler, and electrophoresis equipment. Gene sequencing facilities are available in the adjacent genetic data centre.

Microscopy and Mycorrhizal Laboratory

This laboratory contains a wide array of microscopes used for microscopic examination of roots/soil and culturing of organisms.

Analytical Biochemistry Laboratory

Contains spectrophotometric and fluorescent microplate readers, incubator shakers, sterile cabinets. This lab is used for preparing soil extractions for PLFA, enzyme and CLPP analysis.